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When will I see results in my body?

Hello, Ok Im 19, 6’3 and weight 90KG, I am working on building muscle and alot of tone! I go Gym 5-6 times a week, and I only do upper body, because I am already doing a Leg program with my basketball team for vertical jump. So my workout would be Day 1 – Chest & Biceps & Abs Day 2 – Back & Triceps Day 3 – Shoulders & Abs Day 4 – Chest & Biceps Day 5 – Back & Triceps & Abs Day 6 – Shoulders I do about 5 exercises with 15 rep max, 3 sets I do cardio everyday with my basketball team and I swim is well My diet is good not alot of fat food, never get fast food and I have a protein shake before and after gym and before I go to bed yes Im pretty tones already I just want to be ripped Any time estimate, would you think? Thanks

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You have the right idea and almost everything is perfect, except the routine order. It’s not a good idea to do a proper triceps workout the day before you do shoulders. Alot of shoulder exercises incorporate your triceps so it’s no good having sore triceps before you start your shoulder workout. Similarly, it’s not a good idea to train biceps the day before back. Almost every back exercise heavily uses the biceps. Here’s an example of a much better order: Day 1 – Back, Biceps Day 2 – Chest, Abs Day 3 – Shoulders, Triceps Day 4 – Back, Biceps Day 5 – Chest, Abs Day 6 – Shoulders, Triceps And if you didn’t already know, eating loadddssss of protein is very important! Good luck! After a month, you’ll definitely notice a difference (if you have the right diet, enough protein, enough calories but not toooo many). But keep it up for a few months and it’ll pay off. Don’t think about how long it’ll take me to get this or see that……it’ll come in time!

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