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what is the difference between your BMI and body fat ?

is the bmi what needs to be under a 10% to obtain a 6 pack? or the body fat percentage? i weight 160lbs and my body t is a 15.8

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bmi and body fat are very different. Example Arnold Schwartzenegger- 235 pounds, 6 foot 2 random guy- 235 pounds, 6 foot 2 Arnold weighs a lot because he has a lot of muscle and hence his bmi is really really high like around 30. He is considered obese. Whereas the other fat guy weights the same amount and also has a bmi of 30 and hence is obese. Clearly the two do not have the same body fat percentages. As for your six pack, if you want to obtain one, I recommend losing body fat more than losing weight. You should try to get under 10% body fat to get a six pack. To find your percentage body fat, measure your waist size, weight, height, neck size, and hips length. Then, use an online calculator to calculate your percentage body fat.

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