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I have started doing intense training which included running everyday anywhere from 2 to 4 miles and going to the gym and doing a circuit every other day as well as weight training everyday. I have decided to take Whey Protein for breakfast and post workout, casein before bed and take multi vitamins, calcium, carnipure, vitamin k, and fish oil. I try to eat 6 times a day which included 4 oz of chicken and fish, whole wheat rice, mixed vegetables, salad, grilled chicken wraps and a couple other healthy meals. I’m 24 / 5′ 7” what do you think?


There is nothing particularly wrong with your program. I probably would drop the carnipure carnitine, as the science in my opinion is not really that strong as to its benefits. A recent study has suggested that carnitine may potentially play a role in heart disease by causing more cholesterol to be deposited into the artery walls, and less to be eliminated from the body. I would also not consume the casein before bed. Whilst there are many suggestions that having a slow digesting protein before bed can help you build muscle, I believe that it is better to let your digestive system have some downtime while you are sleeping. Bearing in mind you are eating throughout the day, night time is when you body repairs and recovers from the days activities, keeping your stomach full while you are sleeping diverts some of your bodies resources away from recovery to deal with the food you just ate before bed. It is also suggested that you will get a better quality of sleep on an empty stomach. Ensuring good quality deep sleep is more important to aid in your recovery than consuming protein during the night.

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