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When taking vitamin packets, should you take all the vitamins at once or split and take in two doses.


Thanks for your question, it depends on the specific product you are taking. Normally there should be some instructions listed on the bottle or packaging. In general there are some vitamins and minerals that compete for absorption or inhibit the absorption of others. Vitamin C can inhibit copper absorption, and large amounts of copper can lead to vitamin C deficiency. Zinc inhibits copper and iron, magnesium and calcium also compete for absorption. Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K require fats to be absorbed so should be taken with a fat containing meal. For this reason some multivitamin formula’s are sold in packs where they can be split up and taken at different times of the day to optimise absorption. On that basis, yes they should be split into multiple doses, but as I originally mentioned, I would suggest following the product specific instructions.

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