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best choices for type 2 diabetic who takes blood thinner (Coumadin)…and which will have lowest carbs, lowest vitamin-k, and give max calcium…all in that single veg.


It is difficult to suggest a single vegetable, as I wouldn’t imagine you would want to eat it day in day out. Turnips for example have low Vitamin K and are rich in Calcium. As far as root vegetables Turnips are low calories. However you should be aware that unlike the root, Turnip greens are high in Vitamin K.


Is it safe to satisfy daily vegetable requirements by drinking 2 5.5 ounce cans of Original V8 juice?


No, unfortunately these drinks have been processed and will have lost some of their nutritional value. Additionally they don’t contain any of the fiber that is in the vegetables which also provides important metabolic benefits.

Plant shoots

Is there any benefit to eating plant shoots over regular vegetables?


Yes, shoots have a number of benefits. Firstly they can be eaten raw which means that they don’t lose valuable nutrients during the cooking process. Its believed that they have a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients gram for gram when compared to vegetables. They are also very easy to digest which makes it easier for children and elderly to eat. Finally they are easy to grow at home, seeds are readily available and you can grow shoots from seeds to ready to eat in only a few days.