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Garcinia Cambogia

Is it safe to take garcinia cambogia?


Hi, there is some conflicting studies regarding the safety of Garcinia Cambogia. Some studies done in animals have found toxic side effects, whilst some have claimed it is perfectly safe. I cant give you a definitive answer on whether it is safe or not. What I can say is that you should take caution with any fat loss supplements that you may wish to take. Always buy from a large reputable brand, as there have been cases of contamination or adulteration in some fat loss products. Garcinia Cambogia, does not have a significant amount of scientific research to support its effectiveness for weight loss. On that basis alone, I would not suggest using it.

Nitric oxide supplements

I am 15 and my dad thinks that Force Factor(nitric oxide) is bad for you. I want to know why teens cant take nitric oxide and what are the negative affects it can give.


This is a workout supplement so I presume you are engaged in some form of weight training. I wouldn’t recommend using the product at your age for a few reasons. Firstly you are very young at your body is producing lots of hormones naturally, your body will respond very well to training without the use of nitric oxide boosters. Secondly there is very little legitimate scientific research that shows that nitric oxide boosters have any real performance or muscle building benefits. Often studies that are quoted are paid for by the company that makes them. Thirdly, you can find much cheaper sources and ways to boost nitric oxide production naturally without supplements. For example chocolate, particularly dark chocolate boosts nitric oxide production. Oranges also protect nitric oxide levels, which in turns makes it more available. Watermelon contains citrulline which is another nitric oxide booster. If you really feel the need to consume nitric oxide, you can save yourself a lot of money buying a few bars of chocolate and a bag of fruit!

Optimum Nutrition Fitness Fiber

I try to make sure I’m getting enough fiber (both soluble and insoluble) in my daily diet, mostly through food sources but also by supplementing because I’m on a high-protein low-calorie diet to support my workout routine. My main food sources of dietary fiber are strawberries, blueberries, spinach, almonds, steel-cut oats, Brussels sprouts, and beets (all of which I eat daily). To help make sure I get to the 25-30g daily recommendation, I also supplement with two scoops daily of Optimum Nutrition Fitness Fiber. I’ve been using Fitness Fiber for at least a year and really like it, but I wanted to ask whether you know anything about this product and whether it has nutritional/health value. I found one review on Amazon where the reviewer claims that it’s mostly made up of “phony” fiber sources. It’s the only negative review of its type that I’ve been able to find anywhere online, and I’m not sure of the reviewer’s credentials, but it sounds like they know what their talking about. Here’s the review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2Q150KLG5GWAV/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B003VUHU0O&linkCode=&nodeID=&tag=


Hi, thanks for your question. Looking at the ingredients there isn’t anything that you could describe as being “phony” fiber sources, although some are manufactured rather than truly natural fiber. Polydextrose, Digestion Resistant Maltodextrin, Inulin, Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum, Psyllium Seed Husk, Gum Arabic). Polydextrose, Inulin, Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum, Psyllium Seed Husk are all forms of fiber. However in my opinion, if one had to take a fiber supplement I would probably just look for a plain Organic whole Psyllium seed product. Gram for gram its probably cheaper and provides a high fiber content. That said getting fiber from food is a preferable option. Other sources of fiber that you can add to your diet would include nuts and seeds and lentils, as well as whole grain cereals. Sugar free bran flakes or all bran are a high source of fiber. Oranges, apples and bananas are fiber rich fruits and can easily be blended into a smoothie if you are looking for a quick way to consume more fiber. Fiber supplements can be useful, but remember they don’t contain any real nutritional value going beyond on their effect as a fiber. An apple or orange will provide fiber as well as valuable anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Herbal life for weight management

I am a 26 year old male. I have been exercising since last one month and have been keeping a good control on my diet, still I do not see much results. I have recently come across “F1” product from Herbal life. I know people who have used the product and reduced their weight, but I would like to confirm from an expert like you if the product is good to use without any side effects?


Hi, whilst I am not a fan of using supplements over real food, there are many people who have used meal replacement supplements as an effective way to lose weight. There have also been various studies that have also confirmed the benefits of including these drinks as part of a weight loss routine. What people do need to be careful of is becoming reliant on these products and then not making any effort to improve the rest of their diet. Ideally you may want to use this drink to replace one of your meals, so you would continue to eat your breakfast and lunch, and then replace your dinner with one of these drinks. For example if you are exercising regularly, you can use the meal replacement as your post workout meal, to help your body recover and build muscle which will help elevate your metabolism. its also important to make sure that your other two meals are balanced and contain good sources of protein, carbs and healthy fats, as well as some fruit and vegetable to make sure you are getting anti-oxidants and vitamins in your diet. Supplements are generally not as well absorbed as the nutrients that found in real food sources, however if you are making the effort with your other meals, I don’t see any issue with you including this as part of your weight loss program.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

I have purchased a product from Wal-Greens (Finest Nutrition Brand). Should it be considered generally “safe”? Here are the ingredients: Svetol 400 mg Yerba Mate Extract 120 mg other ingredients: cellulose Gelatin


I cannot advise if this product is classed as GRAS, generally recognised as safe, however what I can say is that green coffee bean extracts have very little science to show their effectiveness. As far as I am aware there are very few studies and those that exist have only been carried out on very small numbers of people. Personally I would be sceptical to use this product.