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At a Stand Still

Ok, I recently loss 30 pounds counting calories and exercising, but for the past 3 months I’ve been at a standstill . I currently weight 187 pounds, I eat 1500 a day and I burn between 700-800 calories 5 days a week from working out , I need help to get me out of the 180’s . Any advice is appreciated ! Thanks


From your description it sound like your body is in starvation mode. You have reduced your calories to such a low level and from all the exercise you have created a very large deficit, so your body is trying to hold onto every calorie it gets. Introduce a cheat day every week, where you eat whatever you want and consume 2000 calories or more so as to move your body out of this state. Having a day where you consume excess calories resets your body into thinking food is readily available and no longer in short supply so there is no need to hang onto everything. You didn’t fill out your profile so I cant provide any further information, but if not already doing so I would suggest including more weight training in your program, as usually people following your kind of diet have burnt away a lot of their muscle mass which in turn reduces your metabolism.

Fad Meal-Plan

Hello, I’ve come across this meal-replacement solution that’s gone viral in the last couple weeks, which supposedly contains all the necessary nutrients to (at least) survive, and was wondering if it is a good idea. Here is the recipe: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiQ3zXfYwvZpdFJ2Q0wtWl9vOVdyRUh2Z1dmMGIxbkE#gid=5


Hi, Reading your document the only thing I could see was a collection of supplements and vitamins. If you were on a deserted island with no other food options available to you, then yes you could probably survive a long time with this, but it is not going to replace a diet based on real food, fruit and vegetables. Supplements can be used in certain circumstances to provide additional nutrition, but they are not a replacement. Studies have shown that the nutrients in real food are far more bio-available than their synthetically reproduced equivalents. It is also concerning that someone would suggest consuming 6 grams of pure salt, when most experts consider this too high a level. This is not something I would recommend anybody to follow.