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Green supplements

Hi. Are there any powdered greens and/or reds that you would recommend that would provide the greatest/most complete nutritional value? Thanks.


Hi, no there are no powdered green or red supplements that I would recommend. I prefer using a juicer or smoothie maker to make my own drinks with fruit and vegetables of my choice. In the long run its much cheaper and more beneficial from a nutrition perspective.

Multigrain Oat Bran vs Oatmeal

I want to find out if these are almost as healthy or close to each other. I know Oatmeal is the best and healthiest option, but I don’t like the taste so end up not eating it. I recently came across Multigrain Oat Bran at a local grocery store. Here are the ingredients: Whole oat flour*, whole wheat meal*, wheat bran*, evaporated cane juice*, oat bran*, yellow corn flour*, brown rice flour*, barley malt extract*, sea salt, whole wheat sprouts*. *Organic. Contains wheat Is there anything bad in here? Also, how does this compare to Oatmeal? I’m trying to loose weight and control cholesterol.


Hi, looking at the ingredients and comparing it to your typical supermarket cereal, I would say this is a pretty good product. There is a broad range of organic grains being supplied in their whole form, so you should be getting a decent amount of fiber from this product. Obviously it does contain a source of sugar in the form of cane juice so that is something to be aware of but I would expect its a lot less that the commonly found cereals. You can always compare the calorie labels regarding that. The product will have more sugar in it than eating plain oatmeal, but overall its definitely a better choice over commercially mass produced cereals and the fact that it supplies a broad range of whole grains and wheat sprouts will mean it provides a rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. As part of your diet, I don’t see any reason why you can include this.


I would like to know once and for all if Becel is a good choice. Thank you


Hi Thanks for your question. Becel is a brand name for a number of products from Unilever. There are many different Becel products (spreads, oils, milks yoghurts) so its difficult to answer your question. I can only assume you are talking about the Becel spread as that is the most common product, even through there are various versions of the spread. As a product I think its ok, I don’t think it is anything special when compared to any of the “healthy spreads” on the market. Some versions have Omega-3’s or plant sterols in with the aim of improving cardiovascular health. Omega-3s are of benefit as long as the spread is not heated as frying with it would destroy the Omega-3 fatty acids. Plant sterols have conflicting studies as to their benefit so in my view they do not justify buying the product. My view on these products are that they are fine as an alternative to butter but they will not have any miraculous effect on your cholesterol levels. They are just simply a spread which will allow you to slightly reduce your overall consumption of cholesterol. I would rather use olive oil on my bread than any of these spreads. Its free of additives and has a lot more health benefits.

Kyani products – more information on kyaniscience.com

I’m am a 46 year Old Italian female and want to start to take Kyani products. What do you think about this? I want to be sure before I recommend to other people. Thanks a lot.


Hi, I am not familiar with these products however they seem to fall into three categories, fruit based anti-oxidant formula, omega 3 supplement and a nitric oxide booster. There is nothing particularly special about these products and the same can be achieve with a normal diet. You can make your own smoothie or fruit juice blend with a juicer for a lot less money. Eating oily fish such as sardines or salmon a few times a week can provide the recommended amount of Omega 3. Regarding products referring to increasing production of Nitric Oxide, this is not something that is necessarily a good thing. Whilst Nitric oxide has an important function in the body, having extra or excess nitric oxide can lead to increased free radicals and oxidant products which in the long term can cause damage to the body. Excess Nitric oxide has been linked to a number of health conditions. I would not recommend taking supplements to boost Nitric oxide.

Promise Light compared to Promise Activ compared to Smart Balance

My husband and I both are on a low-cholesterol, low-fat and low-sodium diet and take medication for cholesterol I usually use Promise Light for every day use and Buttery Promise when cooking or baking. I could not find the Promise Light at the store and purchased Smart Balance in the tubs instead. Could you please tell me which of the three products is the best to use for our low-cholesterol diets. Also, can you use Promise Activ and Smart Balance for cooking or baking, as well. Thank you.


From the products highlighted there is not a huge amount to choose from all contain plant sterols which have been shown to reduce cholesterol in some studies. Aside from the plant sterols, Smart balance contains Omega-3 fish oil which also has heart healthy benefits. Based purely on what your question asked, I would probably choose Smart balance. The beneficial substances in many oils such as fish oil and olive oil can be destroyed when heated so whilst you may be able to use them for cooking or baking, there will be no great health benefit from using them over regular cooking oils. You could use these spreads but it could costly and with no real benefit over other oils. I would recommend using light olive oil which has been refined so has less of the olive flavour/small for baking, and use virgin Olive oil for frying/cooking.