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Which are the best liquid meal replacements for patients without diabetes, cholesterol issues or other health problems?? I am a Dentist and find many of my patients will need to be on a liquid diet for a few weeks.


There isn’t a specific brand that I would recommend for meal replacements. There is a very wide variance in the quality and ingredients in these products. A number of these products are high in simple sugars coming from corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and flavourings. I would recommended that these ingredients are avoided where possible. Personally I would recommend that if someone needs to be on a liquid diet, that they simply use a natural whey protein powder product and then blend a serving of this with a banana and some flax seed oil. This will provide fats, protein and carbs without a lot of the processed ingredients and will probably be a lot more cost effective too. Natural yoghurt can also be used as an alternative, with fruit and oils being added and then blended. However if its essential and a portable product is needed then I would consider Myoplex original sachets which can be carried around and then mixed with water when needed.