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Gatorade instead of water

I have a problem drinking water. I’m 23 and never realized that other people don’t get itchy throats after drinking water, like I do. It feels like I’m inhaling every dust particle in the room after drinking even a sip. I can’t remember the last time I drank an entire glass. So, to keep hydrated, would it be okay to drink Gatorade instead of water?


No I would not recommend drinking Gatorade instead of water. Gatorade contains a wide range of artificial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives and colourings as well as a number of other ingredients I would avoid. From a long term perspective this is not a healthy option. I have come across a few people who have similar problems to you. I would recommend firstly trying to find alternative more healthy ways to consume water through the day. For example rather than drink artificial drinks like gatorade, you can try herbal teas, such as peppermint or fruit based teas. Tea is an easy way to stay hydrated, whilst also introducing some valuable anti-oxidants and nutrient to your diet. I would also recommend purchasing a water filter to purify your water. It may give you some peace of mind that the water has been filtered of impurities and does help reduce the metallic or chemical taste of water in area’s where its been heavily chlorinated. Squeezing some fresh lemon, lime or oranges into your water is another way to give it some flavour. If this is not enough try buying some real fruit juice from the supermarket and dilute it with some filtered water, try half and half and then over time, try to reduce this ratio so you drink less juice and more water. Over time hopefully you can overcome your desire to avoid drinking plain water.