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Protein shakes

Hi, I just started drinking whey protein. Is it ok if I drink the shake and eat at the same time? I should mention I’m underweight and its difficult for me to gain some weight.


Hi, regarding your question, are you doing any kind of exercise in addition to consuming the protein drink? I looked at your profile but there was no information regarding your activity and diet habits. There is no reason why you cant drink your protein shake at the same time as eating a meal, but if you are not doing any kind of weight training or resistance exercise there is no real need to consume extra protein. Additional protein might add a few calories to your diet but it isn’t a particularly rich source of calories. If you are trying to gain weight then I would recommend that you try to engage in some kind of weight bearing exercise, where you can increase your muscle tone rather than trying to gain fat weight which has no health benefits. If you are able to, I would suggest either trying to carry out a short workout routine at home or at a gym three times a week, that focuses more on weight and resistance rather than cardiovascular exercise. If you don’t go to the gym consider some exercises you can do at home such as bodyweight squats and press-ups. Your body will utilise the additional protein you are consuming to build some additional muscle. As you are underweight and have difficultly gaining weight, progress will be slow, but you will find over time your body will gain muscle tone. Following any bouts of exercise is the ideal time to consume your protein shake. Additionally you can consume a source of carbohydrates such as a banana or another piece of fruit. Alternatively following your workout consume a meal that contains protein and carbohydrates, but very little fat, such as chicken breast or tuna with rice or potatoes. You can still season your food but try to minimise the amount of fat consumed specifically following your exercise, as this can slow your digestion down and reduce the rate at which your body absorbs the nutrients. Please complete your profile and I may be able to provide additional advice.

Gaining weight

How can I gain weight without eating large amounts of carbs? What is the healthiest way to gain weight?


Hi, I presume you are trying to gain lean weight, i.e. increased muscle mass? You didn’t complete your profile so I cant give specifics without knowing your stats, diet and activity levels. Are you doing any kind of exercise? Certainly the two things that can assist your goal are introducing some form of weight bearing or resistance exercise, and adjusting your diet that so that it contains additional protein, carbs at specific times along with sources of good fats. A number of studies have shown that consuming a source of easily absorbed proteins and carbs after resistance training, has been effective in stimulating muscle synthesis. I would suggest that following any exercise routine or indeed any strenuous physical activity that you try to consume a meal that consists of protein from white meat such as chicken, turkey, white fish or tuna along with a easy to digest form of carbohydrates such as rice or baked potato. Try to avoid eating red meats during these meals as they tend to be slow and more difficult for your body to digest so save them for other meals. Additionally avoid consuming sources of fat with these meals, such as butter of fat based sauces and salad dressings, as fats slow the rate of digestion.

Weight Gain

So, I’ve been trying to gain some fat weight for about a year already. Through the year I’ve been going up and down, depending on my calorie intake. If I ate enough I would go up and if I ate too little I would go down, obviously. However, this past two weeks I’ve been eating 3000 calories (my BMR is 1500 calories) and today I hoped on the scale and it turns out that I didn’t gain, but rather LOST 2 kg of weight. How did this even happen? Is it possible that I’m somehow “holding” on to the calories and that the weight gain will suddenly come later? (like, suddenly increasing 7 pounds a week). I already confirmed my scale is not broken (grabbed a two litter water bottle and weighed it and it weighed 2 kg, as it should) I’m a 17 years old male, 173 cm tall. I’m on vacation so I don’t exercise at all.


Thank you for your question, your profile page was not completed so I cannot give a specific answer without any understanding of your dietary habits or your current weight, but is there a reason why you are trying to gain “fat” weight?? Unless there is a medical issue that requires you to gain weight, I would not recommend trying to gain additional weight especially in the form of fat. Weight can fluctuate depending on the time of day you weighed yourself, hydration levels, if you have skipped a meal, and also the time you weighed your self in relation to your last meal. To get an accurate idea of your current weight I would suggest weighing yourself first thing in the morning after you wake up, before eating or drinking anything. Do this over a period of a week and record your weight each day, this will give you a clear figure as to what your weight is, and allow you to observe any trends in your body weight in the future. If you can complete your profile I may be able to answer your questions better.