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Hello. I am 51 years of age and have chronic kidney disease. I feel I carry too much extra weight, although my doctors and nurses have not said anything to me about losing the excess weight. My old male neighbor grabbed my arm and wobbled my muffin top, declaring, “No bananas. Unhealthy. My wife was 86 kg stopped eating bananas and lost weight.” I thanked him for his concern and am just asking is he correct? I eat a banana with my home-made muesli each morning with oats, lsa, lecithin, blueberries, craisins, kiwi fruit, juice of one orange and almond milk. All topped off with All Bran Fibre toppers. I love this huge breakfast as it keeps me feeling full till lunch time. Please help me is it wrong to eat a banana every day?


Bananas are not unhealthy but they are rich in calories when compared to some other fruit. However if you have kidney disease, you may need to cut back on your consumption of bananas as they contain high levels of potassium. Your kidneys help you keep the right level of potassium in your body, but can’t always do so in chronic kidney failure patients. Your breakfast while healthy does contain a lot of fruit and carbohydrates which will provide you with a significant amount of calories. That said eating a big breakfast is not a bad thing as you will use these calories throughout the day, as oppose to eating a large meal before you go to bed. You didn’t fill out your profile so I cant get an idea of your daily activity levels and other dietary habits, so I cannot give you specifics. To answer your question regarding bananas I would speak with your doctor, as it may be wise to reduce the amount of bananas you are consuming due to your medical condition.