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Diet of beans

Can a child live on nothing but beans and water twice a day for extended periods of time, say up to a year? What would be the consequences of such a diet, and could it be considered abusive if the parents or caregivers were financially able to provide other food but refused?


This would be very concerning. Such an extreme restricted diet would lead to serious nutritional deficiencies in an adult let alone a child. Eating a single food item is never going to meet the nutritional needs of a growing child. Deficiencies over time can lead to a variety of medical conditions and seriously compromise the health of the child. With the exception of people living in a 3rd world country and experiencing a famine, there is no reason why anyone should raise their child on such a diet.


I hear how good guacamole is for you… would I be out of line to eat one small one a day? Or is that too much?


Guacamole is perfectly healthy, avocado’s are a rich source of nutrients, good fats and vitamin E, consuming a small serving a day should not be a problem.

Chicken or tofu?

Hey there, I’ve heard a lot of rumours and debate about whether you should eat more tofu or stick with lean chicken. Any info on the two and their health benefits and risks?


Hi, there is no health risks with eating lean chicken, it is certainly one of the healthiest option in terms of protein source. Tofu on the other hand does contain hormone like substances called phytoestrogens, these substances can have positive or negative effects depending on the amount consumed. Soy products have been shown to improve bone density whilst high levels of consumption of Tofu or soy containing products has been linked to a decline in cognitive performance and may raise risk of dementia.