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Fish Oil Differences

I’ve been taking fish oil for years and some brands of fish oil are dark and some are light in color. Obviously their is a difference and my question is which is best for the body, dark colored or light colored fish oil?


Fish oils can come from many different fish, they can also be produced from the flesh or from the liver (cod liver oil). The process through which they have been produced varies, heat processed, molecular distillation, cold pressed and fermentation. I cannot comment on which is the best form as that is open to debate but I wouldn’t base my choice on the colour of the product. However I would recommend you research based on the formulation and also on what methods the company implements to remove contaminants. In terms of formulation, look for a formula which specifically lists how much EPA & DHA is contained in the product. Make sure you compare like for like in terms of serving as two products might say 50 mg EPA per serving, but one product provides 50 mg EPA per one capsule whilst the other is 50mg EPA per two capsules. Look for a product that contains an anti-oxidant such as vitamin E or rosemary or thyme oil to maintain the integrity and freshness of the product. Finally check to see what methods they use to ensure there is no contamination from mercury or PCB’s.