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5-Hour Energy

What is your opinion on 5-Hour Energy or added energy supplements?


Personally I am not a fan of them and would recommend they are avoided. Although very rare, there have been a number of cases where regular consumers of these stimulant drinks have had heart attacks. The evidence is mounting that the use of these drinks can have potentially serious side effects in certain individuals. However it should be noted that in many cases the drinks were usually combined with another factor such as alcohol, or the consumer had an underlying health condition. One of the issues is that many of these drinks whilst containing a large amount of caffeine, also contain a number of other substances that have not been studied individually or in combination. What effect these substances have on our bodies when combined is not well documented. Caffeine alone on the other hand is fairly well studied and for the majority of people is well tolerated. As with most things in life, there are no shortcuts and the best way to sustained energy levels is a healthy diet and exercise. Failing that I would stick with a strong cup of tea or coffee!