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Man breasts and belly

I’m a 16 year old guy, I recently lost 13 kg and now my height is 184 cm and 79 kg, but I still have man breasts and a belly. How can I lose them without going to gym?


During weight loss it is common for the some body fat to be lost in areas faster than others. Additionally there are certain areas where the body tends to store more fat that others. The belly is usually the last to go when your dieting. You don’t need to specifically go to the gym to loose this fat, but you will need to maintain your diet and do some form of daily exercise. I see that you are engaged in daily sports from your profile so this should help. Regarding your man breasts otherwise known as Gynaecomastia, this is something that can commonly occur during puberty affecting 50% of boys during puberty. This is not directly related to just being fat, but is due to the hormonal changes you are going through. In boys this is usually due to high estrogen levels and will level out and normalise itself in time. There are cases where other factors are at play such as environmental estrogenic substances called xenoestrogens that are introduced from things such as food packaging, plastic water bottles and cosmetic and body care products. Cruciferous vegetables such as Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and Brussels sprouts can help reduce Gynecomastia. These vegetables contain specific phyto-nutrients such as indole-3-carbinol that help combat these xenoestrogens. Eating foods rich in Zinc can also help maintain your testosterone levels, although they are going to be relatively high anyway due to your age. Roasted Pumpkin, Squash and Watermelon seeds are all rich in zinc and a healthy snack that can be eaten throughout the day. Try to eat fiber rich foods such as whole grain brown rice, bran, oatmeal, and minimise consumption of white products, white bread, white rice, sugar as these promote fat gain. Finally one other thing you can consider without going to the gym is to do some press-ups at home. Press-ups will help build and tone the muscle in your chest and help support distribute more evenly any fat that is currently there.

Belly wont’ go away…

Hello, I’m a male, 37yo, 5’9”. I’m 154 lb, but I set my weight to be around 145 lb. I do exercise at least 4 times per week, running in average 40-50 km per week. I eat mainly vegetables, chicken, tuna, fruits, grains, etc. My weight is OK , even a little bit on the skinny side, but I cannot get ride of my belly. What kind of foods would you recommend to avoid in order to make my belly disappear??


Without looking at your diet in more detail I cant give you any specifics. The first thing I would normally suggest is to check your alcohol consumption, but I can see from your profile you are not consuming much. I would suggest you look at how much fiber you are consuming in your diet. Men should be aiming for around 38 grams of fiber per day. Fiber is very important in regulating blood sugar levels and insulin. Fiber slows the rate of digestion of food and in turn helps prevent excess fat gain. Consuming a fiber rich diet will over time help reduce your belly fat, especially if you are engaging in regular exercise. Look at each meal of day breakfast, dinner and lunch and then see how much fiber you consume. For example many breakfast cereals are low in fiber and high in sugar and can lead to fat gain. Oatmeal, Bran flakes, All-bran are all very high in fiber and thus provide a slow source of energy. Try to aim to consume a rich source of fiber with each meal. If you are eating bread, opt for whole grain brown bread ideally with seeds added. if you are having a salad, make sure it has more than just lettuce which is relatively low in fiber, add some peppers, celery, radicchio which have more fiber. If you can actively focus on consuming a good source of fiber with each meal and avoiding eating snacks without fiber this will help. Also if you are currently doing aerobic exercise on a regular basis, I would also suggest trying to add some kind of weight bearing exercise to your routine also. Combining weights and cardio have much more synergistic benefits together than when either are done alone.