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I have been eating healthy foods only for about 2-3 months after a diet and maintained the weight I am happy with. In the last two weeks I started consuming A lot of gum, about 100 pieces a day and started drinking diet coke on regular basis and last week I had a huge binge where I ate 5000 calories and few days later another one where I ate 4000 calories and it was all sugary unhealthy foods. Before the weeks I had no desire for unhealthy food and I exercised regularly but on these two days I skipped my exercise. I am 168 cm and have about 50-52 kg and I usually eat around 2000 calories since I exercise on daily basis, never had any desire for sugar and fat and actually found it disgusting, I mean for the three months that I have been eating and feeling healthy. Could it be from the sweeteners in these products? I started reading and I have read it may cause sugar cravings so is it is possible they came from the sweeteners my question is how long does it take for them to leave the body so that I won’t feel the binges and the side effects. Also my binge was really unhealthy, both of them containing loads of sugar so how long will it take from my body to detox, that is considering I ditch the sweeteners and the binges tomorrow.


Its difficult to say what is the cause of your desire to binge, but it is not unusual for people to have the desire to binge when they are following a diet long term. The problem can be made worse once you start you don’t want to stop and a single binge can become a weekly and then daily occurrence. Certainly the fact that you were consuming 100 pieces of chewing gum is a concern, most chewing gum contains many different artificial sweeteners and other artificial ingredients. Eating this kind of quantity on a daily basis could certainly result in health issues. You should really only be eating 1 or 2 pieces a day at most. We don’t really know the effect of artificial sweeteners on the brain and how they affect our appetite, but some new studies suggest they can trigger the same effect in our brain as eating real sugar. It could well be possible that by consuming such large amounts of sweeteners they had some knock on effect which made you want to consume all these other sweetened products.

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