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Should BMI be dependable on how healthy you are?

So I calculated my BMI and it says I was at 29 (overweight) but then I checked John Cena’s BMI (I know he’s not really an athlete, but he looks healthy) and it came to be obese. Without being full of myself, I consider myself pretty beefy. I do have extra weight to trim off, but I can feel pretty big muscles underneath me.

This question was not answered by a nutritionist, however another user commented.


The problem with BMI is that it doesn’t take muscle mass into consideration, so it’s definitely NOT a reliable source of health. BMI says that people like John Cena and most NFL quarterbacks are obese, when this is clearly not the case. Being healthy is NOT just about a number on the scale, it’s how you look and how much lean body mass you have. Ignore the BMI and focus more on how you look than a number on the scale.

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