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Promise Light compared to Promise Activ compared to Smart Balance

My husband and I both are on a low-cholesterol, low-fat and low-sodium diet and take medication for cholesterol I usually use Promise Light for every day use and Buttery Promise when cooking or baking. I could not find the Promise Light at the store and purchased Smart Balance in the tubs instead. Could you please tell me which of the three products is the best to use for our low-cholesterol diets. Also, can you use Promise Activ and Smart Balance for cooking or baking, as well. Thank you.


From the products highlighted there is not a huge amount to choose from all contain plant sterols which have been shown to reduce cholesterol in some studies. Aside from the plant sterols, Smart balance contains Omega-3 fish oil which also has heart healthy benefits. Based purely on what your question asked, I would probably choose Smart balance. The beneficial substances in many oils such as fish oil and olive oil can be destroyed when heated so whilst you may be able to use them for cooking or baking, there will be no great health benefit from using them over regular cooking oils. You could use these spreads but it could costly and with no real benefit over other oils. I would recommend using light olive oil which has been refined so has less of the olive flavour/small for baking, and use virgin Olive oil for frying/cooking.

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