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Physical Education and Obesity

Do obese people have themselves to blame?


Every case is different, I don’t think obese people necessarily have themselves to blame. Whilst everybody has a personal responsibility to themselves, there are many factors that can lead to someone making the wrong decisions in terms of their diet. Many cases of obesity develop during childhood where a child’s parents have made ill informed decisions regarding their children’s diet and are providing low quality food and regularly. This often spirals out of control and an obese child becomes and adult and has little knowledge or ability to resolve their situation. The food industry and fast food companies also have very slick marketing campaigns and again many of which target they advertising at children. Children cant always make informed decisions and this can often be where the problem starts. Modern day society in many peoples cases is based around working in an office, driving to and from home or using public transport, this is not what the human body was intended to do. We were meant to work physically and be active. Food was never readily available 24/7 like it is today. As we can see across the developed world obesity is on the increase, these levels of obesity that we see today didn’t exist years ago. So the question is what’s changed, is it the people and their attitude that has changed or is it our environment. I would say that obesity is a product of our modern day environment. Whether an obese individual choose to resolve their situation or not, is ultimately down to them.

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