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Nitric oxide supplements

I am 15 and my dad thinks that Force Factor(nitric oxide) is bad for you. I want to know why teens cant take nitric oxide and what are the negative affects it can give.


This is a workout supplement so I presume you are engaged in some form of weight training. I wouldn’t recommend using the product at your age for a few reasons. Firstly you are very young at your body is producing lots of hormones naturally, your body will respond very well to training without the use of nitric oxide boosters. Secondly there is very little legitimate scientific research that shows that nitric oxide boosters have any real performance or muscle building benefits. Often studies that are quoted are paid for by the company that makes them. Thirdly, you can find much cheaper sources and ways to boost nitric oxide production naturally without supplements. For example chocolate, particularly dark chocolate boosts nitric oxide production. Oranges also protect nitric oxide levels, which in turns makes it more available. Watermelon contains citrulline which is another nitric oxide booster. If you really feel the need to consume nitric oxide, you can save yourself a lot of money buying a few bars of chocolate and a bag of fruit!

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