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Midsection weight loss

I’m 67 years old and as of about 7 or 8 years ago, my midsection is out of control. No matter what I do, I cannot lose weight there. I’ve counted calories, fat grams, carbs, to no avail. I exercise regularly to include aerobic, weights. Because I’m 5’1 1/2, 135 lb. Would very much like to lose 10 lb.


Thanks for your question. Unfortunately there is no way to lose fat specifically from one area, such as the midsection. In women the midsection can be particularly problematic, as they go through the menopause, changes in hormones affect how fat is stored. This can lead to the body storing more fat on the abdominal area instead of the hips and thighs. Other factors are age-related muscle loss. Age-related muscle loss begins early in life, at 60, the process accelerates dramatically, doubling from 0.5% muscle loss per year to 1%, then 2% at age 70, 4% at 80. Muscle uses calories throughout the day, even when you are sitting in a chair, the more we have the more calories we burn. The more muscle we lose, the less calories we will utilize in a day. So building and maintaining muscle is very important to keeping out metabolism up and keeping the fat off. Additionally due to this age related weight loss your total requirements for calories are not much less than they were previously. Whilst the RDA for women is 2000 calories per day, for you it would be 1500 and closer to 1200 if you are looking to lose weight. So it is important to base your total calories on those figures. Rather than concentrating on losing fat, my recommendation would be to firstly focus on building muscle. building muscle first will help you lose fat easier in the long run. I don’t know what your specific routine is, but you listed that you do both cardio and weights daily. I would suggest that your prioritise your weight training first focusing on that and when you have finished then do your cardio afterwards. If you are a member of the gym, I would recommend getting one of the instructors to create a program for you, where you separate the different body parts and train them on different days. This way you wont end up training the same muscles every day, which is counter productive. Alternatively you could do weight training, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and do cardio on the days in between. After you have finished your weight training, I would suggest you eat a protein rich meal, ideally within one hour of your training session. Feeding your muscles with a protein rich meal will allow them to recover and build strength more effectively. Lean chicken, turkey or white fish would be ideal along with a small serving of rice or pasta. Avoid any sources of fat in this particular meal as it slows the rate of digestion and recovery. After each weight training session try to eat this meal. I would also recommend that you try to eat as early in the evening as possible. before 18:00, ideally 16:00. The earlier you can eat you last meal of the day, the better, your bodies requirements for calories gets less the later in the day, so eating early will prevent your body storing food as fat.

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