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Low nickle diet

I am wondering if whey protein contains any traces of nickle in them? And should I be avoiding whey that has traces of soy?


It is difficult to comment regarding whey without knowing the specific product. Whey is processed in a variety of ways and in some cases other substances are added to the final product such as minerals, flavourings and sweeteners. If the product is pure without additives I would not expect whey to contain any significant amount of nickel as it is derived from milk which is permitted on low nickel diets. Soy should be avoided and some protein powder formulations contain soy protein. Some whey protein products may include Soy Lecithin which is a fat used as part of manufacturing process of the product. Soy Lecithin could potentially contain some trace of nickel as Soy is a rich source of Nickel so you may need to be careful. I have seen whey protein products that are free from most additives so you will need to do a little research to find a product that’s best for you.

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