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Kyani products – more information on kyaniscience.com

I’m am a 46 year Old Italian female and want to start to take Kyani products. What do you think about this? I want to be sure before I recommend to other people. Thanks a lot.


Hi, I am not familiar with these products however they seem to fall into three categories, fruit based anti-oxidant formula, omega 3 supplement and a nitric oxide booster. There is nothing particularly special about these products and the same can be achieve with a normal diet. You can make your own smoothie or fruit juice blend with a juicer for a lot less money. Eating oily fish such as sardines or salmon a few times a week can provide the recommended amount of Omega 3. Regarding products referring to increasing production of Nitric Oxide, this is not something that is necessarily a good thing. Whilst Nitric oxide has an important function in the body, having extra or excess nitric oxide can lead to increased free radicals and oxidant products which in the long term can cause damage to the body. Excess Nitric oxide has been linked to a number of health conditions. I would not recommend taking supplements to boost Nitric oxide.

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