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Iron-fortified cereal with milk

I am trying to make sure I get enough calcium and iron in my diet. Is it bad if I am eating iron fortified mini-wheats with milk–am I messing up my absorption of iron and calcium since they seem to cancel each other out? I got the cereal because it had lots of iron, but I wondering how much I absorb if I drink it with milk–so I didn’t know if it just better to get a non-fortified to better absorb the calcium.


Thanks for your question. First recommendation would be to suggest you do not skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast can slow your metabolism and lead to fat gain, not the kind of weight gain that I would recommend. If your goal is weight gain, then I would recommend trying to gain weight in the form of muscle. Muscle has numerous health benefits going beyond the cosmetic aspect. Research indicates that adding strength through resistance training may positively affect risk factors like insulin resistance, glucose metabolism, metabolic rate and blood pressure. You didn’t complete your profile so I cant tell if you do any exercise or what your activity levels are but looking at your diet, you are only consuming meat in one of your daily meals. Whilst you will source some protein from nuts, seeds and beans in your diet, if weight gain is your goal, I would suggest adding a bit more protein to at least one of your meals. Add a few servings of fatty fish such as salmon or sardines per week. Adding some cottage cheese or eggs as well to boost protein intake, unless you are specifically choosing to avoid these foods. All of these protein sources are slow digesting as they contain fat within them which slows their digestion rate.

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