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How to benchpress more?

I’m an athletic 13 year old guy,I’m 5’6 if that matters I do a lot of weight training. I weight 150 I bench 140 lb and max our 155. I want to build muscle fast, are there any ways to increase my bench. Any good safe supplements for teens and a good diet for bulking. Best awnser gets 5 stars*****!!!

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Hey bro, I'm 16 weigh 120 and bench 145 one rep max. I benched 95 in November, so I think that's impressive. I take whey and also have taken creatine. C4 is a good workout igniter. I wouldn't do just bench press. Do pullovers, flies, and incline and decline. I do a lot of upright bench press, and do here's my workout for chest. 5×10 upright bench press 5×10 upright chest fly 5×10 pullovers 5×10 flat bench press 5×10 incline and decline press Also diamond push-ups til failure

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