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How can I find the BMI of someone?

i wanna know my friends BMI: 109 lbs, about 5-5ft 1″ tall, age 11. wuts her BMI? She thinks shes fat.

This question was not answered by a nutritionist, however another user commented.


wow she’s tall! Im 12 and only 5-0 ft tall! I weigh 108. go here http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/dnpabmi/Calculator.aspx I searched and found this. Heres some more: http://kidshealth.org/parent/nutrition_fit/nutrition/bmi_charts.html http://pediatrics.about.com/cs/usefultools/l/bl_bmi_calc.htm http://www.kidsnutrition.org/bodycomp/bmiz2.html Good Luck! BTW- Is that your friend with the short-shorts and is tall? Its on that www.omnidisc.com/piano/. If so, she’s not overweight. I also found you on there too.

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