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Herbal life for weight management

I am a 26 year old male. I have been exercising since last one month and have been keeping a good control on my diet, still I do not see much results. I have recently come across “F1” product from Herbal life. I know people who have used the product and reduced their weight, but I would like to confirm from an expert like you if the product is good to use without any side effects?


Hi, whilst I am not a fan of using supplements over real food, there are many people who have used meal replacement supplements as an effective way to lose weight. There have also been various studies that have also confirmed the benefits of including these drinks as part of a weight loss routine. What people do need to be careful of is becoming reliant on these products and then not making any effort to improve the rest of their diet. Ideally you may want to use this drink to replace one of your meals, so you would continue to eat your breakfast and lunch, and then replace your dinner with one of these drinks. For example if you are exercising regularly, you can use the meal replacement as your post workout meal, to help your body recover and build muscle which will help elevate your metabolism. its also important to make sure that your other two meals are balanced and contain good sources of protein, carbs and healthy fats, as well as some fruit and vegetable to make sure you are getting anti-oxidants and vitamins in your diet. Supplements are generally not as well absorbed as the nutrients that found in real food sources, however if you are making the effort with your other meals, I don’t see any issue with you including this as part of your weight loss program.

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