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Gaining weight with a diet to deal with Gastritis?

I am a 19 year old male, who has recently been diagnosed with Gastritis. The past two months, I have lost about 15 pounds due to flare-ups that have kept me picking foods from the bland diet. This diagnoses helps me finally know foods to eat and which to avoid. When I’m healthy enough to get back to working out like I used to, I’d like to see what exactly I can supplement this diet-for-gastritis to help me gain that weight I lost. What do you recommend?


I think the key to you regaining your lost weight is firstly to address your gastritis. Once you have helped restore your digestive system back to its normal state, you should be able to allow yourself to have a slightly more flexible diet, whilst avoiding your trigger foods. Firstly I would suggest trying to introduce some foods that are beneficial to your digestive system, specifically foods that will help reduce that inflammation that is associated with Gastritis. Start consuming live yoghurt that contains friendly bacteria which help normalise the balance of good and bad bacteria in your digestive system. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and has a long history of being useful for treating digestive ailments. Fresh ginger can be added as a seasoning to your food or added to hot water to make a tea. make sure to use the fresh ginger as when processed it can lose a lot of the active ingredients. Try drinking camomile tea which also has anti-inflammatory properties and is believed to help reduce irritation and inflammation. Peppermint tea also has benefits in settling upset stomachs. Its also suggested that Gastritis can lead to B12 deficiency so include foods high in B vitamins and calcium, such as almonds, beans and dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale. Consume oily fish such as salmon or sardines which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties. Fish is also a rich source of protein which will help you regain your lost bodyweight. Try to avoid cooking with processed or artificial fats and use Olive oil which is well tolerated and has numerous health benefits, again it can help reduce inflammation. Once you have made these changes you should find the symptoms of your gastritis much reduced. To restore your lost weight you will need to increase the amount of calories your consume, focusing on protein from lean easy to digest meats such as chicken, turkey and fish. Fruit is an easy to consume source of calories, bananas have a soothing effect on the stomach and provide a good source of calories. Finally you may want to consider taking a multivitamin to help restore any nutritional deficiencies you may have developed during the past few months. With time you should find that bodyweight is restored, as your digestive system is recovers.

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