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Folic acid daily intake

Concerned about recent data on too much folic acid and the fact that multivitamins contain the RDA of 400mgs already. I believe I can get almost all I need through a good diet so thinking about half a multiple daily to limit folic acid. Also, is the danger from too much only pertain to folic acid and not folate? In other words, if I consume 600 mg daily and only 200 are actually folic acid, is that a problem? Thanks so much!


It is always better to source vitamins and minerals from food. However I appreciate some people want to ensure they are getting all their nutrients and like to take something to supplement their diet. I would suggest in your case to look for a vitamin formula that supplies folate rather than folic acid, look for methyl folate, Metfolin, or “5-MTHF” on the label.

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