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Diet soda/aspartame

I have been drinking sodas since I was a teenager. In my late teens I switched to diet soda. I know they are not healthy and I have tried several times to stop drinking them. However, I find myself just not drinking if my only option is water. I have tried flavoring my water with lemon or orange and still I find myself just not drinking it. Do you have any suggestions?


It is difficult for people who are used to heavily sweetened drinks to go back to drinking water. Artificial sweeteners are generally best avoided if possible. If you are really struggling to find a way to drink water, you might want to consider looking at some of the Stevia based natural drink mixes that are currently available. Stevia is a natural low calorie sweetener made from a species of plant native to Central and South America. I would suggest that you consider giving these a try, as it would be a good alternative to soda’s with aspartame and other artificial ingredients. Secondly I would recommend to very slowly reduce the amount of drink mix you use. Trying to cut things out completely makes it very difficult to achieve long term. Rather than trying to cut things out, slowly reduce the amount of drink mix you make over time. Eventually you may be able to get down to using a very small amount of the drink mix. I would also consider trying to introduce drinking teas, such as caffeine free herbal and fruit based teas. Not only will they provide a way to consume more water, but they can also provide some valuable anti-oxidants to your diet. If you can split your daily water consumption between some herbal teas and a stevia drink mix, you may find you are able to prevent yourself going back to drinking Soda’s.

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