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After workout drink!!

I am currently trying to lower my body fat percentage. I am not fat I just have a little amount of fat around my belly. at the moment I cant afford any supplements or protein shakes so I just made some homemade shake that I usually drink after my workout I just want to know whether this shake is good for recovering my muscles after a hard workout and in the same time it will help lowering body fat the shake contains: half cup of low fat milk 2 bananas half spoon of peanut butter half spoon of honey and thanks for helping


Thanks for your question. Regarding your shake, it will definitely help with your workout recovery and providing adequate to help build and develop your muscles. I would not worry too much about buying protein shakes, as a number of studies have shown that milk, bananas and honey all have benefits of their own in stimulating muscle growth and aiding recovery. Commercially made protein powders, whilst having fancy marketing and nice packaging, do not offer significantly more than what you can achieve with the ingredients you have listed. What I would say is that if your goal is to build muscle and reduce body fat, then you may want to experiment with the quantity of carbohydrates vs protein post workout. The 2 bananas, peanut butter and honey will provide about 50-60 grams carbohydrates, whereas the half cup of milk and half spoon peanut butter will provide roughly only 5 grams of protein. This is a ratio of over 10:1 carbohydrates to protein. Consuming too much carbohydrate post workout could reduce your fat loss potential. The ideal ratio suggested is something like 2:1 or 3:1 carbohydrate to protein. I would suggest increasing your milk to about 500ml which will provide 15 grams of protein. Just have one banana instead of two, and still have the honey and peanut butter. This should provide you with 30-40 grams carbohydrates and 15 grams protein which is much closer to the 2:1 ratio for a post workout drink.