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Too many diets

I’m getting married this Summer (sate August) and am ramping up exercise & diet to get ready. I’m generally pretty fit (crossfit 6x a week plus intervals) and eat cleanly, but I’m getting very conflicting advice on an ideal diet. I want to lose about 15-20 lbs before the wedding, but I’ve been told to eat considerably more than I’m accustomed to on a paleo/primal diet. I like the paleo/primal diet in general, but I’m concerned that I won’t lose (or even may gain) weight as I’m consuming a lot more calories. I think this may be a good long-term plan, but my wedding is in three months–is this the plan to prepare for this time frame? Really thanks 🙂


Unfortunately you didn’t complete your profile so I couldn’t calculate anything based on your stats and activity. However I would say that if you are trying to lose weight in time for your wedding, the paleo/primal diet is not a bad choice. If you are following it closely you should be removing refined carbs and processed foods from your diet. Cutting back on simple carbs is definitely going to help your weight loss, and combined with your current exercise routine should provide some good results. I don’t know what reasoning behind the comments that you should eat considerably more than your accustomed to, my only thoughts are that because you may be eating less carbohydrates than normal, so you may feel lethargic. I would not suggest automatically eating “considerably more” but play it by ear, observe how your body responds and adjust accordingly if you feel lethargic. I’m not a believer in following strict diets day in day out, there is no reason why you cant take a break every week and eat how you would normally and then return to your diet for the remaining six days.

Healing Leaky Gut

I am confused…Is it better to go on a high lean protein diet or a mostly vegetables for 90 days? I though meat clogged your gut and made you constipated… I want to do the Paleo suggested for Autoimmune but am afraid of all the MEAT. It’s not going to hurt me is it? I’m doing the diet from Practical Paleo.


I am not familiar with the specific diet for leaky gut syndrome that you mention, however I am aware of the Paleo diet. As you are probably aware Leaky gut syndrome is something of a medical mystery as it represents a collection of symptoms that could be linked to various conditions. Any diet that suggests it can treat this condition is most likely based on theory and anecdotal evidence. However that’s not to say it wont work for you. In my own opinion I wouldn’t recommend a high protein diet, certainly users who have tried other high protein diets such as the Atkins have reported constipation and other digestive symptoms. Part of this however is due to the lack of fiber due to cutting out carbohydrate sources such as fruit and vegetables which provide the bulk of the fiber in your diet. I believe the Paleo diet does still include fruits and vegetables although the protein accounts for a larger part of your daily calories. Reducing your amount of fruit and veg in your diet will of course reduce the fiber in your diet which could result in digestive symptoms such as less frequent bowel movements, as protein and fat slow digestion. High protein diets also put extra workload on your kidneys, and diets high in red meat have also been linked to a higher incidence of colon cancer. More recently some studies have suggested that high protein diets stimulate increased production of IGF-1 which is a growth factor linked to accelerated aging and age-related diseases. If you choose to follow this diet, my recommendations based on the fact that you have highlighted digestive symptoms, is that you avoid red meats and game meats and stick to easier to digest protein sources such as white meats, chicken, turkey and particularly white fish. On a side note I have found that chamomile tea, ginger and probiotic yoghurt have been effective in treating a variety of digestive symptoms