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Drinking your calories

I’ve started lifting weights recently and have been trying to get my diet caught up as well. My bulking calories is (to me) hard to reach because I’m just not used to eating that much during a day. There is a “diet”/joke called GOMAD, where on top of eating whatever you eat during the day you also drink a gallon of milk, which significantly increases your calories and helps you pack on weight. Well, after looking at the calories and macro nutrients in milk I’ve found that it contains pretty much all of the calories I need for bulking, and completes all of my macro nutrient needs as well. I thought this was great because (as I said earlier) I’m not currently getting my desired calories and it would be extremely simple. My only concern with this is the fact that I would be drinking all of my calories, with very little solid food(I figured throwing in some veggies and fruits in throughout the day to get my micronutrients in too) could possibly harm my stomach in some way. Could you weigh in on this? Thanks for your help!


Thanks for your question, personally I wouldn’t recommend anyone to drink a gallon of milk a day. Whilst milk does have some beneficial nutritional value, as adults we are not designed to be drinking cow’s milk, especially in such huge amounts. As part of your diet in small amounts I think it is fine but as you rightly pointed out it will provide little in terms of micronutrients or fiber. This diet concept sounds more like a shortcut to avoid putting the effort into creating a proper meal plan. Whilst I am sure it will provide a lot of calories and may help you gain weight, I believe a lot of the weight will come from fat gain. There is also the possibility that consuming so much milk everyday, may well lead to digestive stress if done in the long term. If you want to include milk as part of your total diet then go ahead, but as far as making it 50% of your daily calorie source, I would have to say no.