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How to lose weight?

Hi. I’m a 24 year old female. 5’7″ and I weight 195 currently. What is the appropriate amount of calories and exercise that I need per day to lose weight? I’m trying to get to at least 170.


Based on your stats you want to be aiming for between 1500-1700 calories per day for weight loss. If you are looking for faster weight loss I would aiming for 1500 calories per day, and have one cheat meal per week where you are allowed to eat whatever you want. By having a cheat meal this can help break up the monotony of your diet but also prevent your body going into starvation mode also. People often go on a restricted diet and then find they cannot lose weight. This is usually due to the body thinking food is in short supply and therefore it needs to hold onto whatever calories it gets. By having a cheat meal, you reset your body each week into thinking food is readily available so your metabolism will maintained. Regarding exercise, I can see you are exercising daily, I would recommend having 1-2 days off per week to give your body a break and a chance to recover. Combining both weight training and cardio is the optimum way to lose fat. Weight training is very important to help keep your metabolism elevated throughout the day. When you do resistance and weights, your muscles need additional calories for the 48 hours after your have exercised to recover and this keeps your body using the calories you eat throughout the day. Cardio is faster at using calories when you doing it, but once you stop then it does not have as much effect as weight training for keeping your metabolism elevated afterwards. Therefore combining the two gives you the best of both worlds. Aim to do 30 mins of cardio each session at 60% of your max heart rate, there is no need to go flat out, as this puts your body into a catabolic state where you can end up burning muscle tissue. 60% is the optimum rate for fat loss. Try to plan your workouts so you have a meal following your workout, so if you go to the gym in the evening, eat high protein, low fat, moderate to low carb workout following your gym session. The protein will help your muscles recover but don’t eat too much carbs or fat.