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Can I safely build muscle and lose weight by drinking my calories

I want to lose 55 pounds, but also build muscle. I don’t want to just lose weight (including muscle) – I want to be fit. I am doing a fitness program that includes lifting weights (P90x). What if I were to only drink smoothies that include fruit, veggies, water, and protein powder? Would this meet my nutritional requirements? Would it help me lose weight faster since liquid nutrition is more easily absorbed?


There is no reason why you cant make one of your daily meals a liquid meal. If you are working out, consuming a liquid post workout meal can be a great way to accelerate your recovery and build muscle. I don’t know when you workout, but if its in the morning, rather than having lunch following your workout, then have your post workout drink. The same can apply if you workout in the evening, have your drink instead of your evening meal. Following an intensive workout, your body will utilise your liquid meal most effectively so that is the best time. What I would say is that you need to carefully monitor how much fruit you put into your post workout drink. Fruit still contains sugar, so if you use too much then you can end up consuming a lot of sugar which will hinder your weight loss. I recommend using a ratio of 2-3 servings of vegetables to 1 serving of fruit. Use the fruit as a sweetener to make your drink palatable but don’t go crazy with adding large amounts.

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