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My name is Tina, I’m 49, used to have ED My question is, I’m currently eating between 700-900 Cal a day, I go to workout three times a week for an Hour, do lot’s a Housework as well. How many calories do I burn, is it healthy that I am in a calorie deficit ?


Based on your stats, you are consuming very low calories, from your profile I have calculated that for fat loss you should be aiming for around 1400 calories and about 1285 for what you would call rapid weight loss. 700-900 is significantly lower than this and I would be concerned that your diet may not be supplying sufficient nutrients to maintain good health. Whilst it can be easy for some to follow a low calorie diet, making is balanced and rich in vitamins and minerals is not so easy. The fact that you are also expending calories working out three times a week would mean that at least a few hundred of these calories are just being used to fuel your workout, which leaves little for your body to recover properly. At such limited intake, you run the risk of burning muscle for fuel which will cause your weight loss to stagnate as you lose muscle. The key when dieting and weight loss, is to make sure you maintain your muscle mass, as this is what maintains your metabolism. if you lose too much muscle mass, your metabolism will reduce and even with reduced calories you will not be able to lose weight. I would slowly increase your calories so you are consuming over a 1000 at a minimum and then see if you are able to continue losing weight. If so then try and increase to 1200. If you do not feel comfortable increasing your calories back up again and worried that you will gain back the fat your lost. Try to introduce a cheat day into your diet where every 3rd or 4th day, you allow your self to eat whatever you want, cakes, sweets, or just more of what you normally eat. This resets your body so it doesn’t consider itself to be starved and helps elevate your metabolism again.

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