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Blood sugar and fresh fruit smoothie’s

I’ve been eating fresh fruit smoothie’s for breakfast the past couple weeks, and I feel like my blood sugar is wonky after. I usually blend up black/blue/strawberries, light vanilla yogurt, a bunch of spinach, banana and grape juice. Is this too high in sugars for a breakfast smoothie, or is this all in my head?


Without knowing how much fruit you are putting into your smoothie it is difficult to say. That said, going on what you have outlined, you are consuming a lot of sugar, grape juice contains a lot of sugar, and add to that the banana, strawberries and blackberries you will be getting a fair amount of sugar every morning. Although smoothies can be healthy they can still contain a large amount of sugar. I would suggest introducing some more vegetables aiming for a 2 to 1 ratio of vegetables to fruit. I would also suggest removing the grape juice, grapes contain a lot of sugar and juice even more so. You are ok with the blackberries and strawberries as they are low calorie fruits. I would also check your yoghurt ingredients, quite often “light” or low fat yoghurts have had a lot of sugar added to make them taste better. Look for a natural additive free yoghurt with probiotics. If it is a natural yoghurt, it should not have a laundry list of ingredients.

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