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Are Chia seeds are good source of Omega 3?

I am a vegetarian and looking for a good source of Omega 3’s. I’ve seen Chia seeds are rich in Omega but was wondering was they are really tiny seeds is it possible to absorb the nutrients from them?


I would not worry too much about absorption issues, Chia has around 60% Calcium and 40% Iron per 100 grams. A typical serving might be one or two heaped teaspoons so around 10 grams which equals only 6% and 4% of those minerals respectively. Absorption issues typically occur when consuming large amounts of one or the other minerals, which is not the case with Chia. They are perfectly fine to add to smoothies. They are an excellent source of Omega-3 and fiber. When you use Chia you should drink your smoothie straight away as due to the rich fiber content you will find that they form a gel fairly quickly that can give your smoothie a very thick consistency.

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