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A Catch 22

I have read everywhere that eating oats and beans is a great thing, as they have a lot of fiber among other benefits. But, every time I try to incorporate beans or oatmeal into my diet, I get so constipated and give up about 5 days into it. I drink a lot of water and exercise. Why could this be happening? Is it something I should try to get through in hopes that my body will adapt, or just accept that these foods are not for me?


Hi, Thanks for your question. As you stated oats and beans do have a number of health benefits including being rich in fiber. That being said these foods may not agree with you for a reason, you may possibly have an intolerance or one or both of these foods. Generally it is unusual to get constipation from fiber rich foods, as fiber helps alleviate that symptom but I don’t know how you are preparing your foods or in what quantities your are consuming them. I certainly wouldn’t recommend, if you are experiencing discomfort, that you keep eating them in the hopes that your body will adapt. Have you tried just introducing one of these items into your diet. For example just add oats to your diet for a couple of weeks and see if you get the same symptoms, or just add beans to your diet. That way you can identify if its is just one or both that cause a problem for you. There are many other foods that are rich in fiber, I would not worry about specifically trying to consume these two items as there are many other grains and vegetables that can achieve the same thing.

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